Peterson Corn Genetics


Peterson Corn Genetics prides itself on customer service and their old paper-based ways of sharing data, ordering, and reporting weren’t meeting customers’ needs. The digital product catalog and portal, on the other hand, is exceeding expectations.


After changing ownership, Peterson Corn Genetics knew it had an opportunity to grow and become a market leader in corn hybrids. But they also knew they needed technology to help make that happen—moving its existing paper-based hybrid data and processes into more efficient and reliable digital workflows.


When the Peterson Corn Genetics team saw the Peterson Genetics soybean portal, they knew they had found what they were looking for. Far Reach built Peterson Corn Genetics their own digital product catalog, test seed order system, and royalty reporting workflow that is helping the company scale and capture more market share.
  • PCG Limited Hybrids
  • PCG Customer side Test Seed Order Entry
  • PCG Hybrid Details
  • PCG Test Seed Fulfillment Workflow
  • PCG Test Seed Ordered vs Inventory Report

The Peterson Corn Genetics portal includes several components:

  • Digital Product Catalog - Customers can view detailed data about hybrid varieties
  • Test Seed Ordering - Customers can order test seed online, and the Peterson team can track, manage, and fulfill orders efficiently
  • Royalty Reporting - Customers can quickly and easily report on royalties for hybrids, and Peterson ensures royalties owed are collected
  • Custom Reporting - The Peterson Corn Genetics team can pull on-demand reports about system usage

And the team continues to bring forward new ideas for processes that can be built into the portal to benefit the Peterson Corn Genetics team and its customers.

The custom portal has quickly become a central differentiator for Peterson Corn Genetics. Customers report that the system has made Peterson Corn Genetics’ customer service top in the industry, and the company is seeing the impact in its bottom line. 

After implementing digital royalty reporting, Peterson Corn Genetics estimates they collected $300,000 more in royalties owed than when it used paper-based reporting. Digital reporting helped customers more accurately report on and pay royalty fees without expensive manual audits.

As the company grows, workflow efficiency becomes that much more important. In its first year using the online test seed ordering system, Peterson Corn Genetics had 3X more orders than the previous year—it’s a growing company. The software was an important factor in the team being able to track and fulfill the increased order volume.

"“Far Reach has exceeded my expectations. Communication has been outstanding, and it feels like the Far Reach team is part of our team.”"

Kevin Cavanaugh |  President