Peterson Genetics ERP


Peterson Genetics, a long-time Far Reach client, tried using off-the-shelf ERP software. After roadblocks and frustrations, they returned to Far Reach for a custom, integrated ERP.


Peterson Genetics is a business full of exceptions. Their processes work one way...except when they don’t. All these exceptions made it next to impossible to make an off-the-shelf ERP software truly work for their team, leaving them with spreadsheets, paper processes, and an Access database—all requiring multiple points of data entry.


They came to Far Reach—we were still continuing enhancements on their product guide—to build a custom ERP that automates their workflows and takes exceptions into account. The system helps with advanced reporting and integrates with other systems they use. 

Peterson Main Image 2

The custom ERP has made the accounting team member’s job more efficient while removing the “all the knowledge in one basket” problem of her being the only one who knew the rules and exceptions. Now the processes are built into the system so anyone can learn and follow them with much less training.

Peterson Main Image 1

Peterson Genetics can now manage customers, contacts, orders, yield data, payment status, and more in a single system. Customers can log into a single portal to see data from the product guide, upload their own data, and view invoices, with more functionality yet to come.

"Far Reach has done an admiral job of identifying our unique needs of data collection, sales, logistics, and processes and tying our four very distinct components of business together under one complete system. They're extremely easy to work with."

Brenda Daniels |  Controller, Peterson Genetics