Peterson Genetics Soybean Product Guide


The Peterson Genetics product guide is a custom web portal that allows the Peterson team to upload and analyze their soybean hybrid data in the backend. They can give portal access to customers, who can view detailed information about the seed varieties.


Peterson Genetics has a vast amount of data about their soybean varieties, including plant height, disease resistance, yield potential, and more. They used to share this data with their customers in large printed binders. The process of analyzing the data, putting together the selected varieties, and compiling and distributing the binders was burdensome and time consuming.


Far Reach built a custom web-based product guide for the Peterson Genetics soybean data. Now instead of printing and distributing product data binder by binder, Peterson Genetics can manage their data and share it with customers online. The tool is interactive, so users can choose to view only the information they care about for each variety.

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Peterson Genetics now has an interactive, digital solution for sharing the data that used to only be available in printed binders. Now when updates need to be made—as new data comes in or if there are errors—the new information is available immediately.

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Each year since the system launched in 2014, Peterson Genetics has invested in enhancements that add even more value for its team and customers. We’ve worked together with them to improve the data import and management processes. And where charts and graphs used to be static, they can now be adjusted by the user to see the information differently.

"The portal Far Reach built is far better than any other solution we’ve tried before. It has allowed us to process the most data we’ve ever had."

Mike Canady |  IT Manager, Peterson Genetics