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Performance Bodies, a race car body manufacturer and parts dealer, was frustrated with their online shopping experience—from both the customer and internal team perspectives. Far Reach helped build a new complex e-commerce site that securely integrates with their internal system.



When Performance Bodies came to Far Reach, they were ready to create a new e-commerce experience for their customers. They were also anxious to set up a more efficient process for managing the site’s product and order data internally.


Far Reach built an e-commerce site that integrates with Performance Bodies’ internal system—both to pull product data and to push order data—to eliminate manual and duplicate data management. The new site provides an improved shopping experience for shoppers and a much more efficient data flow through the organization.

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Performance Bodies used to manage their product data (i.e., title, variants, price, etc.) in two different places: their internal system and their online store. The duplicate data management led to incorrect prices, outdated product data, and lots of wasted time.

Their internal system was outdated and closed off. Performance Bodies was in the process of enhancing their internal system, so the Far Reach team worked with their in-house developer to make sure the two systems could talk seamlessly. Now Performance Bodies manages their product, customer, and order data in one central location, reducing errors, redundancies, and data management time.

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The products Performance Bodies sells come with a lot of complexities, including complicated variations and a need to sell entire kits based on build sheets. To handle these and other intricacies of the project, Far Reach used an open source e-commerce platform that allowed us to build on top of the platform and customize it as needed. This extensibility was essential for meeting Performance Body’s unique requirements and goals.

"With more and more customers moving toward online ordering, we understood this is the future. Having Far Reach work hand in hand with our internal team has flowed extremely well and gave us the flexibility to create a website that fits our customers' needs. Performance Bodies has strived to have the best customer service and having Far Reach work with our website we continually strive to have the highest customer service in the e-commerce world."

Alec Braun |  Sales, Performance Bodies


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