STRATAFOLIO Real Estate Management Software


Far Reach has helped (and continues to help) STRATAFOLIO build out new features, dashboards, and workflows to help their end users manage commercial real estate.


After STRATAFOLIO had a prototype of their real estate asset management and analytics software platform, they were looking for additional development capacity and expertise to build out the product. They had a big vision for their product and customers were passionate about the planned features.


Far Reach joined the project team, working with other external and in-house developers to help tackle vertical slices of functionality. We started working together on a single feature in 2018 and have since built the CAM reconciliation, investor management, investor portfolio, subscription management, loan dashboard, and loan management sections of the product.

  • STRATAFOLIO Screen - Org Details
  • STRATAFOLIO Screen - Loan Dashboard
  • STRATAFOLIO Screen - Investor Portfolio 0
  • STRATAFOLIO Screen - Investor Portfolio 1
  • STRATAFOLIO Screen - Loan Details
  • STRATAFOLIO Screen - Investor Portfolio 2
  • STRATAFOLIO Screen - Investor Op Exp Reconciliation
  • STRATAFOLIO Screen - Entity Investors
  • STRATAFOLIO Screen - Subscription Management

As a funded startup, STRATAFOLIO is accountable to investors and in a position to grow their product, but time and budget management has been key. Far Reach offers STRATAFOLIO external development resources that can be scaled up and down as priorities grow and change. STRATAFOLIO now has in-house developers, and Far Reach helps reduce their risk by spreading product knowledge around and expanding development capabilities.


Far Reach’s tech expertise aligned well with the stack STRATAFOLIO was using (ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft Azure, and SQL Server), so we were able to dive right in, learn the product vision, and start building. We are integrated into the blended project team, which includes the original system architect and STRATAFOLIO’s in-house developers. We work in shared Github and Slack accounts and do blended team sprint planning and retrospectives to plan work and improve processes.

"People feel that when they're using our product that it's easy to understand, easy to navigate, and part of that goes to Far Reach and their ability to help us on that front."

Jeri Frank |  Co-Founder & CEO, STRATAFOLIO