A-Line E.D.S. Digital Workflows


Far Reach helped A-Line E.D.S. (Environmental Decommission Service) turn its established paper processes into digitized workflows. The custom system reduces the opportunity for human errors, saves the team time, and allows access from anywhere.


A-Line liked the flexibility of its paper-based processes—they could be done anywhere in the yard. But manual data entry slowed processing down and was prone to human errors. They were looking for a way to improve their existing processes with technology, and hoped a custom software platform could make that happen.


Far Reach worked with A-Line’s team to understand their existing processes, identify areas for improvement, and move paper-based workflows to a digital system. Now, A-Line’s data is entered right into the database from a tablet, speeding up equipment processing and improving data management.
  • A Line Loads
  • A Line Load Input
  • A Line Load Review
  • A Line Load Details

After 14 years, A-Line’s previous paper-based manual workflows were well-refined, but they required additional steps to get the data into a Sharepoint spreadsheet so the lab and office could continue the process.

“Having to re-enter data that we took down out in the field slowed down the reporting process, especially on busy days when we are unloading trailers one after the other and did not have the chance to sit down at our computers,” said Jennifer Bridges, Inventory Lead at A-Line E.D.S.

“It just made more sense for us to have a software program that was able to adapt to our needs rather than our process changing to fit an already established software,” Bridges said. Thanks to established manual processes, A-Line had a good idea of what they wanted and needed in a custom system. The transition to a digital platform also provided the opportunity to identify and make improvements to those processes at the same time.

"“They have been so patient and attentive to our concerns and our feedback, and they have really worked to help us fine-tune the program into what we want. It’s been a very good experience.”"

Nicole Littlefield |  Lab Manager