Spinutech + Far Reach: Iowa Clinic Mobile App

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When The Iowa Clinic launched a new website, they wanted a native mobile application to help round out their new digital patient communication strategy. Spinutech and Far Reach partnered up to make it happen.


After Spinutech built and launched the new website for The Iowa Clinic, it was time to dive into building the corresponding mobile app, which focused on giving The Iowa Clinic patients access to information and services conveniently on the go.

But Spinutech doesn’t build native mobile apps...


…so they brought in Far Reach to take on the backend development for both iOS and Android versions of the app.

Together, Spinutech and Far Reach helped The Iowa Clinic launch iOS and Android versions of their patient-centered application.


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Iowa Clinic Overview 1

The Iowa Clinic was already updating website content in their Spinternet CMS and wanted that content—most significantly, details on individual providers—to pull from one place so their team didn’t have to make updates in multiple places. Far Reach built the app to get updated content right from The Iowa Clinic website to make this possible.

The app also integrates patient-facing functionality that The Iowa Clinic uses to allow patients to schedule appointments, view medical records, pay bills, and more. It was built in a way that’s easy and convenient for both patients and The Iowa Clinic team members to use.

spinutech and far reach

The process of building The Iowa Clinic mobile app was truly a collaborative one. Spinutech managed the client relationship, with consistent Spinutech / Iowa Clinic / Far Reach team meetings throughout the project. Spinutech also designed the app interface, matching the look of The Iowa Clinic's new website, and provided design direction and elements throughout.

While Spinutech focused on the front end, Far Reach worked under the hood on the back end to build the functionality and integrations that make The Iowa Clinic app what it is.


"Deciding to work with the Far Reach team on a mobile app was a great decision for our client. They showcased their knowledge each step of the way and were very responsive to requests and changes throughout the development process."

Lauren McGill |  Web Support Specialist at Spinutech