Peak Ag Data Management System


Peak Ag helps clients track all of the paperwork required for organic farming certifications. The data needs to be easily entered, managed, and located—and a custom system was the best solution.


Farms working toward organic certifications have to track a lot of information—equipment cleaning, field activities, seed data, and more. Peak Ag was using a system that was built for a different purpose, supplemented with spreadsheets, to track each activity for its clients. This approach made it hard to enter and find data.


Far Reach worked with Peak Ag to design and build a custom system to track and manage data related to their clients’ fields. All the relevant information is stored in the custom system where it’s easy to report on for farmers and certifiers. Data entry is quicker and much less error-prone, and reporting is more streamlined than ever.
Peak Ag Main Image 1
Peak Ag’s custom system is providing significant efficiency gains in their workflows. It has cut the amount of time it takes to collect and store clients’ data by 60-70% and reduced certification errors by close to 97%. With these efficiencies, Peak Ag can plan to grow its business bigger and faster and can more confidently serve larger farms.
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Peak Ag chose to work with Far Reach for several reasons. First, they felt they could get everything they needed for the system with one partner—instead of piecing together a solution from multiple providers. Second because of the Far Reach team’s excitement about the project. “Meeting the team was huge,” said Kenn Jenkins of Peak Ag. “When you sit in a meeting, even virtual, you can tell who’s excited, and Far Reach made us feel more comfortable than any other company we met with.”

"The project went even better than expected. We thought there would be more surprises, but the team did a fantastic job communicating and asking questions."

Kenn Jenkins |  Co-founder and Organic Advisor, Peak Ag