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Far Reach designed and developed an online product guide to replace emailed PDFs and binders filled with paper.


Corn States wanted to showcase their corn hybrids to seed customers in a way that was as innovative as their seed technologies.


An online product guide gave them a convenient, interactive way to provide value to their customers.

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Benefits to Customers:

  • Easier access to the data they need to make informed decisions
  • More data is available; a limit to the number of printed pages no longer applies
  • Able to search products, tag favorite products, add observational comments, and share specific notes within their organization

Benefits to Corn States:

  • Can customize product information so customers see the products best suited for their geographic area
  • Eliminated the time-consuming process of laying out and editing printed guide
  • Able to promote new and featured products in real-time

"Working with Far Reach on this project has been terrific. The communication was wonderful with continual and timely flow of information both directions. They were very responsive and put in the extra effort to work through any obstacle we encountered—making sure the end result would meet expectations."

Mike Dietrich |  Corn States