GreatAmerica Internal ACH Processing System


GreatAmerica was using an Access database and manual workflows to run their Portfolio Services Group ACH processes. They came to Far Reach with a vision, a design, and requirements for an internal system to automate the process, and we helped turn it into reality.


The GreatAmerica team knew what they wanted in their new ACH portal. They had similar internal systems and came into the project with a vision, goals, and requirements. But they didn’t have the internal development capacity to complete the project on their ideal timeline.


GreatAmerica had worked with Far Reach before, so they knew exactly who to partner with when this project became a priority. Far Reach was able to review the internal workflows, understand GreatAmerica’s goals, expand on their ideas, and complete the development work within the desired timeline.

    GreatAmerica Main Image 3

    The Portfolio Services Group at GreatAmerica was tired of using an Access database to manage their ACH workflows. GreatAmerica had another internal system with similar goals to what this team was trying to achieve, so they duplicated that system as a starting point and got to work customizing it.

    GreatAmerica Main Image workflow

    Far Reach integrated into the GreatAmerica development team to refine the workflows, build in automation and intelligence, remove unnecessary bloat, and overall speed up the launch timeline. The GreatAmerica team can now pull accurate files, review their contents, and disperse that information efficiently. They can also track important metrics with enhanced reports and, most importantly, retire that old Access database.

    "They think outside the box, expanding upon our ideas and requests. Instead of merely following our requirements, they think critically about what they’re working on. Understanding our system is incredibly difficult, so it was very impressive to see their great input and questions early on."

    Sarah Barnett |  IT Project Manager, GreatAmerica Financial Services