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Far Reach developed a new responsive website for the Cedar Bend Humane Society in Waterloo, Iowa.



The Cedar Bend Humane Society does amazing things for animals, and they needed a website that would tell their story to drive donations and adoptions. 


Far Reach designed and developed a responsive website that showcases animals up for adoption, fundraising events, and donation needs. 

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The Cedar Bend Humane Society website is about more than adorable dogs and cats (though the cute pictures certainly don’t hurt). It’s about showing how the Humane Society provides care and advocacy for animals.

The Humane Society relies on adoptions, volunteers, and donations to care for animals, so the website focuses on driving those end goals. Adoptions, donations and fundraising events are front and center throughout the site.

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The website doesn’t just educate visitors with facts and figures about how the Humane Society helps animals. It also invokes emotion. How can you look at the website without wanting to donate, volunteer, or adopt?

About half of the traffic on the old Cedar Bend Humane Society website was mobile, so it was important to optimize the site for all devices. The responsive website accomplishes that and provides a similar website experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers.

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