BerganKDV Fraud Reporting System


BerganKDV wanted to offer their business clients a secure, anonymous platform for submitting fraud tips. They worked with Far Reach to develop PlainSight.


Fraud costs businesses billions of dollars each year. The main source for discovering and resolving potential fraud is through employee, vendor, and customer tips. BerganKDV wanted to offer businesses a hotline system for submitting tips online or over the phone, collecting evidence, and managing tips that come in.


Far Reach developed a secure, pin-based platform that allows sources to submit tips through a web browser or over the phone—without having to provide identifying information. Whistleblowers can feel comfortable submitting tips and evidence while organizations reduce their risk and stop fraud early.
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Blowing the whistle on fraud is serious business and measures need to be taken to protect those willing to come forward. Factors that can keep someone from reporting a tip include:

  • Lack of anonymity
  • Guilty parties finding out about tips
  • Fear of retribution

Far Reach helped BerganKDV develop the PlainSight fraud hotline to help overcome those barriers and get tips into the investigation and resolution phases faster.

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PlainSight offers tipsters both web- and phone-based options for reporting fraud. They can submit a tip anonymously, using an organization’s pin code and a secure individual passphrase. 

Once a tip is submitted, it’s sent to company leaders, but only those specified by the submitter. The tipster remains anonymous and the information is not submitted to management potentially involved in the fraud. Designated company representatives can then review tips, ask follow-up questions, group similar tips together, and mark tips as resolved or escalate a case for further investigation.

"We’ve worked with Far Reach before, and we knew from that experience and talking to others that they offer good product quality and service. The project went well. It stayed on budget, and they kept us updated about any changes to scope and timeline."

Michael Bösl |  Manager - Forensic and Data Services, BerganKDV