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Far Reach built the backend portal for the Discovery Network, a system that brings together local agencies to connect people in need with people who can help. We also developed a website to promote the network.



  • Quakerdale’s staff needed a way to store and access information about three different groups—individuals with a need, connecting agencies, and resourcing agencies.
  • Quakerdale needed a more consistent way to qualify people in need, and track what help they’ve received and if they’ve tried to receive help from different agency resources for the same issue multiple times.
  • Connecting agencies didn’t know what resources were available—both within and outside their community.
  • There was no central database of area agencies and their resources.


Far Reach built a custom backend portal that is easy-to-use so people would actually use it, cost-effective since Quakerdale is a nonprofit, and capable of storing large amounts of data about all three groups. We also developed a website that explains how the network works and encourages people to join it.

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Here’s how people use the backend portal, in which Far Reach made a complicated process look easy.

Let’s say you’re an individual with a need—like assistance paying your rent. You would contact the network to have them use the portal to search for a local connecting agency that can help locate the resources you need.


Let’s say you’re a connecting agency—like a church. You would use the portal to match individuals in need with people willing to share their time, talents, and gifts to meet those needs.

Let’s say you’re a resourcing agency—like a business or service agency. You would contact the network about how you could help people in need. For example, paying someone’s rent while they get back on their feet. Or helping someone who is unemployed write their resume and brush up on their interview skills.

"Far Reach was the only project bidder who got the idea that this had to be driven by the users, and not the owners or the developers."

DAN SMITH |  Quakerdale

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