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Far Reach designed, developed, and continues to enhance an athletic uniform builder app that allows dealers, athletic directors, and coaches to create custom uniforms.



Designing an athletic uniform builder app is complex. Integrating that designer into existing internal workflows to reduce manual processes is even more complex. Powers set out to build a system that improves the experience for both customers and employees by improving the uniform design process, integrating multiple systems, and reducing rework.


Far Reach created a custom system that’s easy for customers to use and makes the internal process more efficient for Powers Manufacturing. Dealers can create their uniform design online; input team rosters to pick names, numbers, and sizes; submit orders; and review and confirm mock-ups. And the Powers Customer Service Reps manage the ordering process through this same system.
Powers on iPad

Customers can mix and match tops and bottoms, add their team name and logo, and customize the uniform in a variety of ways, including stripe patterns, trim patterns, sublimated designs, and more. Uniforms can be mocked up and saved to a customer’s “locker,” where he or she can print or edit the design. 

Behind the scenes, the application allows the Powers staff to upload SVGs of each garment and customize those SVGs so they render correctly in the builder. Staff can customize the availability of everything from color palettes and stripe patterns to lettering placement and arrangements. 

The application is responsive for use on an iPad, which allows dealers an easy way to create uniforms while meeting with coaches.

"We wanted to work with an experienced team that could figure out solutions as our needs evolved – and Far Reach has been that for us."

Grant Weidner |  President, Powers Manufacturing