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Technology and Software Drive Leading Edge Rebrand

Leading Edge Software

Until this year, our clients at Leading Edge were under the Adrenaline Fundraising corporate brand. The executive team is a group of forward-thinking innovators who know how important technology is to the future of fundraising. 

We’ve been working with Leading Edge for more than three years on their online fundraising platform. The software has become a differentiator for their business and is even branching out as a brand—and revenue stream—of its own.

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Leading Edge takes software strategy seriously. They knew school sports fundraisers couldn’t be paper-based forever, and they pivoted when the COVID pandemic hit in 2020. The longer they used the system, the more they saw how the technology resonated with their customers and even other fundraisers. 

They decided to break off from the corporate Adrenaline Fundraising umbrella and build a brand of their own. 

“We’re a forward-thinking group, and we wanted a forward-thinking brand that showed we’re on the forefront of technology. We really are on the leading edge of the industry,” said Todd Gladson, CFO/COO at Leading Edge. 

Now, Leading Edge has a unified front across the country. All their reps are using the fundraising portal and consistent branding. Leading Edge fundraisers in Iowa have a similar experience as Leading Edge fundraisers in Florida—an important factor for cohesive national branding. 

That national presence is only possible thanks to the fundraising portal. When fundraisers were done with paper forms, in-person payment collection, and local product pickup, fundraisers were geographically limited to where Leading Edge had reps. With technology, Leading Edge fundraisers can be successful anywhere in the U.S. thanks to digital ordering, online payment, and direct shipping to supporters. 

“We can run a fundraiser anywhere in the country,” said Gladson. “We don’t need reps in every market like we would have three years ago.” Leading Edge can also do fundraisers they weren’t able to easily accommodate before. While they used to focus on high school sports teams and booster clubs, they are expanding to work with younger teams, club teams, and other organizations outside of schools.

In addition to moving its fundraising business forward, the fundraising portal is a business of its own. Leading Edge can let other fundraising companies use the platform, now branded “Launch,” to run fundraisers. 

“We still have some Adrenaline Fundraising reps using Launch, and other companies as well,” said Gladson. “We’re careful about who we let use it—we don’t want to help others compete with us—but there are a lot of different areas of fundraising.”

We love working with clients who understand how software can be a differentiator in business. Leading Edge understands this and has big plans for the future, both for fundraisers and for Launch. 

“Technology makes it a lot easier to transition in business and branding,” said Gladson. “Because we’ve invested in technology, we can go where we want and need to go as the industry changes and as our customers’ needs change.”

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