Leading Edge Online Portal

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When you think about school fundraisers, do you think about paper order forms and the rigmarole of paying with a check or cash? Leading Edge saw a better way and came to Far Reach to make it happen.


School fundraisers—think booster club, band, etc.—have been stuck in the stone age using paper to collect orders, figure out payments, and track results. Leading Edge works with high school students, who are digital natives, on fundraising efforts, and the paper process was a burden for all involved.


Leading Edge worked with Far Reach to build a fundraising portal that lets students use technology to sell and track orders during their fundraisers (selling popcorn, cookie dough, or discount cards, for example). Now students and coaches can avoid the minutia of paper and instead use the technology they’re already used to.

Adrenaline on Phone

Because many of Leading Edge’s customers are school sports teams, competition has always been a big factor in their fundraisers. Students are put on teams and compete against each other for prizes. Tracking standings and progress throughout a fundraiser was tedious and slow when paper forms were the crux of the ordering process. But with the online portal, students can see their team’s performance in real time and bring the true spirit of competition into the fundraiser.

Team Fundraising

Leading Edge is by no means done with their portal. They have big plans for enhancements and new functionality. They’ve already experienced benefits from using the system, the most noticeable being a decrease in time needed and errors made now that orders aren’t being manually typed into a spreadsheet. Plus, since they’re no longer using printed forms, they’re saving on printing costs and are helping out the environment a bit.

"We set out to make our coaches’ lives easier…and we’ve definitely done that. What we didn’t expect is that coaches we haven't worked with in the past want to work with us now—just so they can use the application."

Scott McMaster |  Fundraising Trainer/Coach