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Introducing Allowd

Many of you know Far Reach as a service provider—web design and development, software development, and marketing.   However, we also spend time developing products of our own. Hired Hand Software and Nu Squared Software are two examples of products we’ve developed via partnerships.

We’re excited to tell you about our latest release: Allowd.  
Allowd logo
Allowd is a secure portal where employees can log in to view their employers’ Dwolla transactions (more about that later).

We’re big fans of Dwolla—we worked with them on their original Android app, as well as their Windows phone app.

Working as Dwolla cheerleaders to get more of our local businesses using Dwolla, we heard about one pain point that kept them from signing up. Employees need to be logged into a company’s Dwolla account to verify whether or not an incoming transaction has cleared.

To do this, obviously, the employee needs to know the user name and password for the account. We've found that a good number of business owners are hesitant to give out this information to employees.

That’s where Allowd comes into play—employers sign up and connect their Dwolla account to Allowd. They then invite employees to create an Allowd login. Employers set the level of access an employee has to the company’s Dwolla information via Allowd, and that employee can get the information he needs without ever needing to know the company’s Dwolla login.

How Allowd works

We introduced Allowd beta at the Dwolla Meetup on November 30, resulting in an enthusiastic response as well as a number of new users signing up. We’ll be in beta for the next few months and gathering feedback.

We have lots of exciting plans moving forward with Allowd—reporting (analytics and reconciliation) and the ability to manage multiple Dwolla accounts within a single Allowd account. And, of course, the other great feature ideas our users share with us.

If you haven’t signed up for Allowd, we hope you’ll give it a try. It takes less than two minutes to get started on our website.

If you’re already using it, we encourage (beg) you to share your ideas and suggestions for how to make it a product you love.

Stay tuned for more updates as Allowd evolves over the coming months.