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Far Reach Partners with iEmergent to Develop Mortgage MarketSmart

Mortgage MarketSmart Logo by Far ReachFor iEmergent, Far Reach really is an all-in-one partner for developing and marketing its new mortgage analytics platform, Mortgage MarketSmart.

Mortgage MarketSmart is powered by iEmergent’s forecast data—the only localized data and the most accurate forecasts in the mortgage industry—and historical HMDA data. The application displays data in a way that’s easier to understand than previously used tables. The application is positioned to change how financial professionals access, analyze, and apply mortgage data on a national level as well as in individual markets.

Below are details on how Far Reach helped develop and market the Mortgage MarketSmart app.

Software Development

Far Reach developed the cloud-based Mortgage MarketSmart application using Esri’s ArcGIS platform. The app allows users to view complex data in easy-to-understand interactive maps and data grids.

Each person in a financial organization can apply Mortgage MarketSmart differently, depending on his role and responsibilities. Executives can see high-level patterns and trends; market managers can understand future trends in regional, state, and local markets; market analysts can glean data to drive marketing and new business; and loan originators can cultivate referral networks to increase originations.

Mortgage MarketSmart was built with the user in mind. As we developed it, we kept in mind what financial professionals would look for in software like this. Collaborating closely with the client, we prioritized functionality that was most important for launching a viable product. This included the basic interactive map, customized data display, the ability to upload custom data, security, data export, and more.

Since launching almost a month ago, we’ve continued to update the web application and add new features.

Responsive Web Design & Development

To sell software, you need a website that explains the functionality and benefits. Mortgage MarketSmart is a complex product with different benefits for different users. Far Reach helped communicate benefits through copy and design on the new Mortgage MarketSmart website.

Mortgage MarketSmart Responsive Website DesignUsers can discover, learn about, try, and sign up for Mortgage MarketSmart through the website, so it had to be intuitive and communicate benefits quickly to drive sales.

The website utilizes responsive design, so it’s optimized for viewing on any device. Users get the full website experience from mobile devices—an important feature because of the mobility of financial executives.

We also set up detailed goal tracking on the site using Google Analytics to track when visitors sign up for the product, request a free trial, login to the software, or sign up for the email newsletter—and we can analyze how these users found the website. These statistics help us determine the effectiveness of each of our marketing tactics, discussed below.

Branding & Marketing

Far Reach had a role in naming Mortgage MarketSmart, and designed the logo for the product. The name is descriptive and the logo is clean, so it’s easy to identify the general industry the product targets.

In addition, we implemented a variety of marketing tactics that work together to promote Mortgage MarketSmart.
Tradeshow Booth Design
Mortgage MarketSmart Tradeshow Booth at MBA Convention

iEmergent launched Mortgage MarketSmart at the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Annual Convention & Expo with an eye-catching booth.

Because Mortgage MarketSmart is a new product, we needed attention-grabbing graphics. Far Reach coordinated and designed kiosk wraps and banners using brand colors. The kiosks had monitor mounts—one played the overview video (see below) and one was used for product demonstrations.

Overall, the tradeshow was a success, and iEmergent came home with quality leads and made connections that couldn’t have happened through email.
Product Overview Video
Mortgage MarketSmart is unlike anything else available in the mortgage industry at this time, making it even more important to display the product visually. Product demonstrations were the most effective way of explaining the application to leads, but when the booth was busy, there was a video playing that highlighted the benefits and uses of Mortgage MarketSmart.

This video will continue to be used for an overview of the software.
Local and National PR
Public relations is important for any product launch, especially in a niche market. Far Reach took 2 different approaches for 2 different audiences—a product launch angle for national media, and a local startup angle for Iowa publications. The national release was picked up more than 100 times online, and the local release has been in the news briefs.
Social Media
iEmergent is a leader in mortgage forecasting, and with Mortgage MarketSmart being the first product of its kind, it’s important to establish expertise. We’re using social media—Twitter, LinkedIn, videos, and blogs—to share information on forecasts, practical applications of the software, the importance of a product like this, and more.
Lead Generation / Email Marketing
The Mortgage MarketSmart website is set up to collect leads interested in the software. Once we have the leads, we don’t just want to ignore them. We’ll use an email marketing strategy for a variety of communication goals—primarily to stay top-of-mind with interested leads, as well as to inform existing users about important new features and updates.

The marketing strategy will continue to evolve. In fact, we’re in the process of integrating feedback from the MBA conference into the next phase of our marketing plan. There will be more exciting product and marketing updates rolling out, so stayed tuned.