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Happy Anniversary to Us - New Look, New Site, New Focus

Last year on our anniversary,  we reminisced a bit about our beginning; how Far Reach came to be and what we learned while getting a new company off the ground.

As we celebrate our fifth anniversary this spring, we’re all about looking forward. And it’s a pretty exciting view. You've likely seen hints of change from us in the past few months—more content covering marketing-related topics, a fresh logo making its way onto our social media profiles, new artwork in our office space, some new faces on our team.

As of today, it’s official. Far Reach Technologies has become Far Reach.

Far Reach name badge

Eliminating “Technologies” from our name may seem like a minor deal. In fact, many people have always referred to us as, simply, Far Reach. However, this formal name change represents a broadening of the services we offer our clients.  

In addition to the technology services we've provided for the past five years, we now offer marketing and creative. We don’t have plans to evolve into an advertising agency.  Technology and software development are still at our core. However, we can now draw from a wider scope of expertise.

When our clients need a new website or new mobile app, we can also help them develop broader-encompassing marketing strategies that include branding, social media, email marketing, and a host of other services. We can keep doing the great work we've been doing for the past five years, but do it even better.

We hope you’ll do a little exploring.  You’ll see we have a brand new look and a brand new website.  We’ve also formally launched Our Core Values—the 11 principles that guide us in our interactions with our team, our clients, and our community.  They’ve been with us from the start; we’re just making them a bigger deal.

We’ve had some amazing original artwork created for our office to serve as a daily reminder of them, and are spending more time as a team reflecting on what they mean.  (More on Our Core Values is coming up in future posts.)

Happy anniversary, Far Reach. In honor of Core Value #8, we’re looking forward to the next five years of working smarter, doing more, and kicking ass.