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A new regional data portal helps the Bi-State Regional Commission and the Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber (GCVAC) quickly and easily share important local data with residents, investors, and businesses. 



Bi-State Regional Commission and the Cedar Valley Alliance have a lot of valuable data to share with constituents. Their previous online data portals, built by Far Reach more than 5 years ago, were on outdated technology and required tedious data management and upload processes. It was time for a big update and improvement.


The teams at Far Reach, Bi-State Regional Commission, and the Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber worked together to create a single platform that’s customizable for each region. 
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One of the struggles with the original systems was the tedious data management workflow. Someone in each organization had to be trained periodically to do data upkeep. With the updated system, a primary goal was to improve how the economic development organizations upload and publish data. Part of accomplishing this was using Census Bureau APIs to pull demographic data, and this integration already saving Bi-State and GCVAC time and effort in managing the system.
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The original system was also not accessible on mobile devices—and even on some desktop browsers. The updated portal is a responsive web application that can be accessed on any browser on any device, making in-the-field data access possible. 

"Data management in the new portal is a 110% improvement over the previous process."

Cassie Evers Grimsman |  Business Services Coordinator, Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber