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What is Success?

What Is Success?

This April marks the 10th anniversary of Far Reach. Ten years in business is a major milestone. Some might say Far Reach has been successful over the years. In many ways we've enjoyed a lot of success.
In business, the word success has a lot of different meanings. What does success really mean? What's the measurement of success? How do I know when I have become successful?
Some might argue success is based solely on economic factors—the size of your team, how much money you make, or other monetary numbers. While there's nothing wrong with associating success with monetary measurements, I don't believe it's the only way to measure success.
So what does success look like to me?
Success is making a difference—within our company, with our clients, and in our community.
Success is having the right team with the right tools to do their job. Great teams can achieve great things.
Success is creating a place where I look forward to coming to work each day. Well, almost every day (FRCV #3: Open & H onest)!
Success is continuous learning and having a culture where learning is valued.
Success is having the opportunity to work with great people that make me better.
Success is having the opportunity to work with great clients on challenging projects.
Success is sharing your knowledge with others—your teammates, your peers, and your community.
Success is giving—and not expecting anything in return.
Success is learning from your failures. There'll be failures—and that's okay.
Success is feeling good about what you did and knowing you did your best work.
Success is working with your team to get better each day.
Success is completing a project (big or small).
Success is having the opportunity to meet great people and attend great events.
Success is landing a new client or project.
Success is being publicly recognized for your hard work and accomplishments.
Success is having a flexible work schedule so you can attend your children's events, care for loved ones when needed, or go for a run in the middle of the day.
Success is adapting to the environment around you.
Success is having the same five founding partners still working together after 10 years.
Success is not a destination; it's part of the journey. Success isn't something you someday become. Success is something you intentionally live each and every day. 
Take time to celebrate the little (and big) things. If you take the time to do that, I bet you'll see how much success you've already had.