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The People Behind Your Project: Jason Nissen

Jason Nissen Far Reach Partner

You told us you want to know more about the people behind your projects. You got it. This is the fifth profile in that series.

Jason Nissen, aka The Big Kahuna

Partner & Chief Technology Officer

How do you help clients?
I help clients determine what technologies, if any, would provide the best solution to address the problems they are facing.

What led you to here?
Me. I am the founding partner of Far Reach.

Tell us about your background or training.
I have been developing software for 22+ years.

What is your work mantra?
Don’t overthink things. The simplest solution is most often the best solution.

What guides you?
Learning. There is something to learn from everything you see, hear, and experience.

What are you reading?
I just started reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. My wife thought it was a really good book, and she thought I should read it. Plus, I need to read the book first, so I can be disappointed with the movie.

Who do you follow?
In the past, I followed several bloggers and news feeds related to technology, UX, and entrepreneurship. However, in an effort to minimize the noise and gain a little headspace, I have recently trimmed my list down to one: Leo Babauta – Zen Habits.

What’s your favorite app?
It’s a toss-up between Asana and focus@will. Asana helps me to organize and prioritize my work. focus@will, as the app name states, helps me stay focused.

Where do you see the field going in 1-3 years?
As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow, so will the associated data. Software developers will continue to find new and creative ways to take advantage of these devices and build more intelligence in our applications through predictive analysis.

If anything, we will find a way to bridge our two worlds—the real world and our Minecraft world. 

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