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TAI Artificial Intelligence (AI) Roundtable

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The Technology Association of Iowa (TAI) held its first Innovation Roundtable this week and they covered a hefty topic – Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

We only had an hour to hear from three panelists about some of the challenges and the practical applications of AI they are seeing in business today. With that, we didn’t dig too deep, but there were a few takeaways worth sharing.

  1. A big challenge is the data. When it comes to successfully implementing AI technologies, the assumption is that the available data is the right data. And, further, that the available data is clean. The reality of data today is that a lot of it is just not ready for AI.
  2. The most common driver of AI within organizations is generally someone in the C-Suite. Having said that, it’s really a collaboration of many different innovation-focused individuals. Whatever or whoever the driver, it's important to remember that, as with all projects, there should be value that is created from implementing AI.
  3. Some people forecast that AI will lead to job creation – others argue the opposite. Ultimately, it boils down to continuous learning. Organizations that have a culture where failing is okay and individuals with an appetite to learn are the ones that will succeed.

Lastly, if you are interested in getting up to speed with AI, I’d recommend you connect with the three panelists on LinkedIn:

  • Shashaanka Ashili, Engineer, Physicist, and Entrepreneur. Expert in multi-sensor technologies. Founder: Smart Drivinc, an IoT and InsureTech company.
  • Daniel Ahmed, Senior Analyst at Prime Minister’s Office - UAE
  • Patrick Dahlen, Director at Ventech Solutions

Feel free to connect with me as well. I’d love to continue the conversation!