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Sturgis Falls App Traffic Increases 71%

Sturgis Falls Mobile App: EventsThe 2013 Sturgis Falls Celebration was held this past weekend in downtown Cedar Falls. As always, there was tasty food, great music, and plenty of fun for the kids.

Two years ago we developed a mobile app for the event, available for the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms. The app lists all the events for the weekend, displays venues on an interactive map, and allows users to store their favorites.

Last year there were more than 11,000 API calls (similar to page views) during the month of the celebration. That was great, but this year’s numbers blew last year’s out of the water. There were more than 20,000 API calls during June 2013.
Sturgis Falls Mobile WebsiteAt the close of the 2013 event, the app had been downloaded 2,659 times, so we’ll look for another increase in usage next year.

This year’s increase can be attributed to event signage, social media promotion, and an overall increase in smartphone ownership.

In addition to app use, traffic to the Sturgis Falls website was up from last year as visits increased 34%—from 17,285 to 23,255. More than half of the website visits in 2013 were on mobile devices (see the mobile website to the right).

Sturgis Falls website traffic 2013
As always, we’re proud to support this community event. We’re already looking forward to next year’s. Did you use the Sturgis Falls mobile app this year?