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Scrum Posters (Free Downloads!)

Scrum Posters (Free Downloads!)

Years ago, Far Reach invested in some high-quality artwork to help convey our core values. We knew that making the core values visible would help team members in the office, as well as our clients. By having the core values “on display,” anyone who comes to our office can see what we believe in and understand their importance to us. 

A few months ago, if clients were to come to our office, they’d never know we use scrum to help us deliver the most value for them. Our office proudly boasts our core values, but there’s nothing visible to communicate our process in developing software—scrum.

We’ve been working on becoming a more agile company for over a year. We’re constantly re-evaluating the way we work and looking for ways to improve—by becoming more efficient in development and by figuring out better ways to communicate and share knowledge between teams. 

That’s where the idea for the scrum posters was born. We found we were constantly referring back to some key scrum ideas and it helped to have the document with the scrum information open on the screen while we were meeting. This was helpful, but not ideal, so we thought, “Wouldn’t it be neat to have the same information we were referring to over and over visible to us all the time?” 

There are three main reasons we created the scrum posters:

  1. To serve as ready reference materials for the teams
  2. To educate our clients about scrum
  3. Because they’re cool!

I started shopping around for some posters we could display in the office that would accomplish our goals, but everything was too ugly or cluttered and nothing matched. (Hey, it’s important!) None of the posters fit what we were looking for, and since we’re an agile organization, we figured why not be agile and create them ourselves? So, thanks to our talented team, that’s exactly what we did.

Get the Posters for Yourself

Download the posters to print or use as digital backgrounds.


From a practical standpoint, the scrum concepts we’ve found particularly valuable are:

  • Risk/Complexity/Effort
  • INVEST Mnemonic
  • The Agile Manifesto

For our backlog grooming meetings, we were looking for ways to help us point our stories. So we created two key posters:

Risk Complexity Effort Poster


These posters help us remember when we’re pointing user stories to allow for all three—risk, effort, and complexity, as well as making sure our stories follow the INVEST points.

We also wanted to make sure people who visit our office know we’re an agile/scrum company, so we had to include the agile manifesto

Agile Manifesto Poster

This one reminds us of the importance of the core scrum principles and helps us focus on the value those concepts bring our clients and our team.

We also created posters for a couple of our own scrum philosophies, like “1 + 1 = 3—We’re better together” and “Prioritize or Die”—who doesn’t think these are important?

1 Horse + 1 Horse = 3 Horses Poster

Prioritize or Die Poster

Now if you come to the office, you’ll see the values and the processes we really believe in. We hope you enjoy these posters as much as we do.

Want the posters for yourself? You can download them here: