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Far Reach Core Value #11: Be Humble

Core Value 11: Be Humble“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less.” — C. S. Lewis

We’ve reached the 11th and final Far Reach Core Value: “Be Humble.”

Be humble. Sounds easy, right? We beg to differ. When you’re doing great things, sometimes you just want to take credit for them. But we focus on keeping our heads small and our hearts modest.

“Be Humble” relates to our other 10 Core Values and ties together the list of tenets we work to integrate into our lives. Below are a few of the other core values and how we feel humility helps us live them.

Open & Honest

The “Honesty-Humility” factor is an actual scientific scale that measures sincerity, fairness, greed, and modesty—so the two traits are inherently linked. Research shows those scoring higher in modesty tend to score higher in fairness and sincerity.

Embrace Change

The ability to embrace change comes only after acceptance of the need to change. Change is hard, but without humility, it’s impossible to let go of the idea that we’re already good enough and there’s no need for things to change.

Simplicity & Quality

Creating simple, high-quality websites, marketing, and software requires an attitude that, whatever it is, it can always be better. We’re constantly working toward making ourselves and our work better because we understand there’s always more to reach for.

Learn & Grow

The ability to learn and grow is intertwined with humility. How can you learn and grow without understanding that there’s more to know? You have to accept the fact that you don’t know everything before you can begin to learn more.

We’re a Team

Selfish people don’t thrive in team environments. Neither do know-it-alls. When we hire, we look for team players because software programs and websites aren’t built by individuals—they’re built by teams.

In this video, Scott Friedman explains why humility in leaders is an important trait. My favorite quote: “The number 1 killer of good decision making is ego.”

Seeing as this is a blog about humility, we’ve done an awful lot of talking about ourselves. What about you? How do you stay humble?