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Peterson Genetics Expands Custom Portal for Better Decision-making

Peterson Genetics Custom Portal

In 2014, Peterson Genetics worked with Far Reach to develop an online portal to help them build and supplement their annual printed catalog of soybean seed varieties. In doing so, they took an arduous, manual process and applied technology to drastically streamline it.

Every year since then, we’ve worked together to make incremental improvements to the portal, which gives Peterson’s sales reps and customers access to in-depth details about every soybean seed variety in Peterson’s repertoire.

While previous versions of the system focused on displaying seed data once varieties were chosen by Peterson to be included in their catalog, this year, we developed new functionality to provide additional value earlier in the catalog creation process.

Using Data to Decide

Peterson Genetics used to use spreadsheets to evaluate their seed varieties and make decisions on which ones to include. That means the process was manual, reliant on macros working correctly, and lacked built-in visualization and other tools to help with decision-making.

Now, their custom software system allows them to more easily upload, analyze, and share their vast amounts of data. Peterson’s team can now make better, faster decisions about which varieties to offer to customers in their annual catalog.

The data analysis system isn’t just an online platform that mimics spreadsheet functionality—it takes data analysis much further. For example, seed performance can be plotted on maps offering a visual of performance by geography. In addition to advanced mapping capabilities, the system uses dynamic charts and color-coding for better data visualization.

In the end, Peterson is making better-informed decisions about what seeds to offer. And Peterson’s customers are able to make better decisions about what seeds to purchase and plant.

Speed Matters

The data on each of Peterson’s seeds varieties amounts to a lot of information to upload, download, and display. This year, we continued to optimize the speed with which the system handles and processes this data.

In past years, Peterson Genetics would have to send their raw data to the Far Reach team to upload—and they often needed a quick turnaround. Another of this year’s enhancement changed all that. Peterson’s team—administrators with proper permissions—can now upload and import data whenever they need to. No more waiting for the Far Reach team. The new upload process was developed specifically to cater to Peterson’s existing data structure and to upload large amounts of data efficiently.

Not only is Peterson Genetics making better-informed decisions—they’re making them faster.

More on the Horizon

Peterson Genetics isn’t stopping there; their list of system enhancements will continue to add functionality that helps them and their customers make better decisions.

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