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People Behind the Project: Colleen Enterkin

Colleen_Enterkin Far Reach

You told us you want to know more about the people behind your projects. You got it. This is the latest profile in that series.


Colleen Enterkin



How do you help clients?

I help bring clients’ ideas to life by creating the applications they need to succeed with their business.

Tell us about your background or training.

I got my bachelor’s degree in computer science at Louisiana Tech University and graduated Magna Cum Laude in May 2018. While in college, I worked for a consulting company very similar to Far Reach where I was able to work with multiple clients and get real-world experience while in college. Since graduating, I’ve worked in various full-stack positions until I found myself at Far Reach!

What is your work mantra? 

Get the work done, get it done well, and leave room for improvement. Technology is always changing, so it’s good to keep your code as clean and up to date as possible.

What are you reading/watching/listening to?

I really enjoy The Good Place. It's funny and it's a great show to watch while doing other things. I also like listening to the Wizard and the Bruiser podcast by the Last Podcast Network where they talk about the history of various shows, video games, and movies. It's a really fascinating listen.

Whom do you follow?

There’s no one specific person I follow; I tend to gather ideas and thoughts from multiple sources and make them my own. I’m always looking for new information and learning more!

Where do you see the field going in 1-3 years?

Automation and responsive design are the big ticket items that people are gravitating toward. I have a feeling we’ll be working more with those technologies as a company and industry.