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Marketing and Monetizing Your Mobile App - Part 2

Last time, we covered suggestions for marketing your mobile app.  This time, we’re talking monetization—how to earn revenue with your app. Each method below can be used on its own, but many mobile app developers and publishers who create stand-alone apps (in other words, apps not tied to an already existing business) combine several methods to maximize earnings.

Mobile App Monetization Options

table 1 monetization fixed
Any revenue you earn via paid downloads or in-app purchases is typically brokered via the marketplace where your app is published:

Mobile App Markets

If you determine you’d like to feature in-app advertising, you can simplify the process by working with one of many existing advertising networks (and you can work with more than one if you’d like). 

These companies serve as the broker between app publishers who have ad real estate available, and those wishing to purchase mobile advertising.  Systems, payment policies, and development requirements vary depending on the network you use, so check out the details on a few popular ones below:

Mobile Advertising Networks

We’ve provided just a basic overview of the various means for making money with mobile apps, but hopefully it gives you a start in the right direction. 

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