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How Xamarin Delivers Apps that Make You Happy

How Xamarin Delivers Apps that Make You Happy

You’re finally ready for your app idea to become a reality.

You want your app to work on both iOS and Android. You want it to look professional and use the phone's GPS and camera. Oh, and you have a limited budget.

This is a common scenario for many business owners and startups.

One of our challenges as a custom software development shop is to create quality solutions that meet your requirements, budget, and time constraints.

So how do we build native apps that meet your needs?

Enter Xamarin (pronounced Zam-ar-in). The Xamarin platform enables our team to build native apps for iOS and Android using a shared C# codebase and our family of software development tools.

How To Use Xamarin To Create Mobile Apps

How Xamarin benefits you.

You might be thinking, “Xamarin sounds great for your development team, but what does it mean for me?”

Native iOS and Android apps:

  • Apps developed using Xamarin have a native user interface and native performance. In other words, you get an iOS app that looks and acts like an iOS app, and an Android app that looks and acts like an Android app.
  • Other solutions offer an HTML5-based app. These apps work okay, but aren’t truly native and don't provide the performance and user experience people expect.

Time and cost savings:

  • The shared codebase means our team saves programming time.
  • Using our current skillset (C# and Visual Studio) makes our development more efficient.
  • Our ability to develop your app more quickly using Xamarin translates to cost savings for you.

Better support from our team:

  • Because our development team doesn’t have to learn a whole new set of programming languages to build your app, we have more people who are capable of supporting your app.


  • The availability of Xamarin Components gives us the ability to add rich functionality to your app with minimal effort. 

Examine what we’ve done with Xamarin.

We have had success over the past 18 months working with Xamarin. Check out these apps created using the platform:

  • Volunteer Local (iOS and Android)
  • Breeder Beacon (iOS and Android)
  • Pain Tracker & Diary by Nanolume® (iOS)
  • Math Facts with Monsters (iOS)

The bottom line

You want native apps that meet your requirements and budget. With the help of Xamarin, we can deliver just that–an app that make you happy.

Related: Microsoft announced yesterday it's signed an agreement to acquire Xamarin.