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Finding Balance

Finding Balance

Balance is one of Far Reach’s
11 core values. Here’s Kelly’s take on it.

Balance is a funny thing. Everyone wants it, but few seem to have it. I think that’s because, between the extremes of black and white, balance is actually a thin grey line. The “Balance” poster I see from my desk is a perfect depiction. It’s so easy to go too far one way and then swing too far the other, which rarely leads to the desired result.

Balance Poster

New Year’s Day (and, if I’m honest, New Year’s Eve) is my favorite holiday. I love the juxtaposition of reflecting on what’s happened in the last year, alongside making plans for what the next year has in store. Inevitably, I think about where I personally spend my energy and whether or not my wishes are aligning with my actions. 

At Far Reach, we’re constantly trying to maintain that balance—do our wishes match our actions? Are we taking the time for training because it makes us better developers, testers, product owners, and scrum masters for our clients? Or, are we sucked into the whirlwind of everyday tasks? Are we taking the time to get to know our teammates as people—especially those working remotely? Or, are we too focused on getting the tasks at hand finished as fast as possible with no room for chitchat? Are we adequately testing and proving out functionality with end users? Or, are we too focused on the calendar and meeting a predefined date? 

The right balance—that grey line—really is so elusive. It’s obvious that you can’t go all one way or all the other—realizing that is the easy part. Actually finding the right mix is definitely an art, not a science, and it’s often hard to do. A big reason we started using scrum to manage our work is that it requires us to focus on continuous improvement. As a result, we have many opportunities to reflect, adjust, and refine. It really falls on us, as individuals, to find that balance, though. So I pose the question to you, dear reader, in what areas of your life are your actions not matching your wishes?

If you’re not sure, just put these three words into practice—reflect, adjust, and refine—and start enjoying a little more balance in your life.