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Website Checklist #5 - Quality Assurance Checklist

Quality Assurance Website ChecklistUp to this point, we’ve covered four of the checklists we use in our website development process: the information we gather from clients at the very start, our overall project workflow, our designer’s checklist, and our checklist for developers.

That should cover it, right? Not quite. Although the project is very close to launch, a critical phase remains.

Prior to launch, our team member dedicated to quality assurance (QA) takes every site we build through a thorough test process, sets up sitemaps with the major search engines, and makes sure clients have access to the analytics for their sites.

We’ve included our complete QA checklist for download at the end, but here’s an overview:
1. Test the following in all major browsers:
  • Consistent styling / layout elements
  • Test key functionality – all links, forms, plug-in content, site search
  • Site security – SSL
2. Check ALT tags and other meta data

3. Proof the site for typos and other content errors

4. Implement and test Google Analytics

5. Set up site monitoring via Service Uptime (This service continually monitors site availability and notifies us via email and SMS if any of our sites go down.)

6. Set up sitemaps with search engines (Google, Bing)

7. Add the client to our system and schedule follow-up (We follow-up with clients post-launch at 30 days, 90 days, and 9 months to make sure all is going well.)

Before the site goes live, our clients have the opportunity to review the site thoroughly and sign off on the final product. We typically recommend, when possible, waiting a day or two after a site launches to do major promotion of the new site. We rarely encounter issues pushing a site live, but this leaves some room if an issue would arise.

This wraps up our website checklist series. We hope we’ve offered helpful insight if you’re considering a new site, as well as useful suggestions if you happen to be a web developer refining your process.

And, if you have other items you’d add to our checklist, we invite you to reach out.