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Social Media: Monitoring and Adjusting

Social Media MonitoringOver the past few weeks, we’ve taken you step-by-step through the process of getting started with (or refocusing) your social media efforts. As a re-cap, we’ve covered:

1.) What’s the Point?

2.) Start by Listening

3.) Cultivating and Creating Content

4.) Interaction Tips and Tools

This time, we're wrapping up our series with monitoring your progress and adjusting your strategy accordingly.

Now that you're confidently listening, creating, sharing, and interacting, it's time to come full circle. We point you back to our first post, “What’s the Point,” in which we discussed your big picture social media goals and how to measure your success.

In that post, we also linked to excellent resources on establishing social media metrics and measuring ROI. It's smart to monitor the bigger picture of your social media efforts on a monthly or quarterly basis, along with a review of your other marketing metrics.

However, we also recommend you pay attention daily to your success at the individual post level. You should be able to answer these questions:
  • What type of content generates quality interaction and additional followers?
  • Likewise, what type of content gets little or no response?
  • What time of day are my followers most active?
  • Does the way I word my posts—asking questions, adding commentary, etc.—generate more interaction?
  • Which followers are responding to/sharing my posts and how much influence do they have?
  • Who is posting valuable content worth sharing with my followers? Who are they following?
Paying attention to the performance of individual posts allows you to switch gears quickly, experiment, and fine-tune your overall content strategy. You can, of course, keep track of how many comments, replies, retweets, and likes your posts are receiving within Twitter, Facebook, and your other accounts.

Some of the tools we mentioned in our last post are also equipped with analytics to help you better understand how well your content is working at the individual post level.

We hope our social media series offered helpful ideas you can implement. We always appreciate additional suggestions in the comments section.

Stay tuned for future posts in which we’ll delve deeper into specific social media and internet marketing issues and offer more detailed reviews of helpful tools.