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Then and Now: Far Reach Turns 15

Far Reach 15 Years

Fifteen years is a long time but passes in the blink of an eye.

I had just turned 40 years old when we started Far Reach in 2007, but in that moment, I felt sort of like a teenager leaving home for the first time: excited, motivated, curious, unsure, nervous, and a little scared.

The last 15 years have kind of been like growing up all over again.

Thinking back, my four partners (Lana, Chad, Jason, and Chris) and I probably didn't have a clue about what we were getting ourselves into. What we did know—and what holds true today—is that with each other's support, we could ride the inevitable waves of owning a business and glide into the beach standing up.

We haven't yet landed back on the beach. We're still riding those waves! From the onset of The Great Recession mere months after starting Far Reach to a global pandemic that brought the world to a grinding halt in a matter of weeks, we've grappled with both expected and unexpected challenges.

Not once did we panic, though. Never did we give up.

We just kept going, doing what we thought we needed to do at any given time. And even in doing what we thought was best at the time, we've made plenty of mistakes over the years. Some of them costing us tens of thousands of dollars. Some of them alienating people we never meant to alienate. Some of them slowing our progress toward our goals.

Through all this, though, we've continued looking forward, not back. We learned from our mistakes (even if we sometimes had to make the same mistake more than once to learn the lesson), educated ourselves, iterated, and sought advice and insights from our trusted advisors, mentors, and peers—without whose help we certainly would not have made it this far. And, ultimately, we brought together an outstanding team of people who believe what we believe and who share our purpose of empowering others to make a positive difference.

Even today, after a decade and a half, we are both driven and humbled by the opportunities and challenges before us. As we reflect on the last 15 years, we are grateful for all that we've learned, the incredible support we've received, and for the strong relationships we've developed with our clients, our team, our partners, our peers, and our community.

Thank you for being here with us on our 15th anniversary. Your support both encourages us and makes what we do possible.


With gratitude,