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Far Reach: How It All Began

Far Reach 9th Anniversary

Far Reach celebrated its ninth anniversary on April 16, 2016. This milestone is the perfect time to reflect on how we got here.

It’s the unlikely story of five entrepreneurs—yes, five! They left the safety of their jobs and the promise of steady salaries and benefits, to start the company they always wanted to work at—and that you’d want to work with and for.

There were ups. (Hey, you’re reading this!) There were downs. (The partners were unexpectedly forced to abandon their business plans early on.)

It’s a story of hope. It’s a story of teamwork. It’s story of success. It’s a story that wouldn’t be possible without you.

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Our friends at Around the Corner Productions
 recently shared this story on an episode of IPTV’s “Iowa Entrepreneur.” Thanks, guys! You can watch it here.

Iowa Entrepreneur: Far Reach & Stone Cliff Winery Screen Shot

We’re excited to share it with you. After all, it’s as much your story as it is ours. Thank you for joining us on this journey.