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Far Reach Earns Sitefinity Expertise Award for Mobile Friendly Sites

Pardon us while we get our brag on for a moment.

Sitefinity Mobile Expertise Award At Far Reach, we don’t do what we do for the awards. We develop websites, software and Internet marketing strategies for our clients—to help them meet their business goals.

Sometimes when we’re doing that work, we get recognized. And, hey, who are we to hide that?

We’re proud to announce we just earned Sitefinity’s Expertise Award for Mobile Friendly Sites. And, guess what. We’re the first. Boo-yah.

Here are a few of the sites that helped us land this award.

Price Lab History
Price Lab Responsive Website

Croell Redi-Mix
Croell Responsive Website

Learn more about the awards.

“Far Reach’s focus on custom software development, web design, mobile development, and Internet marketing has become synonymous with success. That is why we’ve recognized the company with an Expertise Award in the category of Mobile Friendly Sites. Far Reach’s elegant implementations of,, and, each of which use responsive design, ensures content is optimally rendered on devices of different screen resolution and size.” —Oggy Shopov, Sitefinity Partner Program Director

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