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Core Value #8: Work Smarter, Do More, Kick Ass

Core Value #8 - Work SmarterFar Reach Core Value #8—Work Smarter, Do More, Kick Ass—encourages us to care less about punching a time clock, and a whole lot more about getting important work done.

There are countless articles and posts on productivity. We're all looking for a magic cure to add a few more hours to our day. No single productivity strategy works for everyone, but the key issues our team offered up in discussion are these:

Get enough rest
- Needing rest doesn't mean you're weak. Being a martyr isn't going to move you forward. Get plenty of sleep every night. Take a break from your work when you need one - you'll do better work, which we believe is the real definition of being productive.

Work when and where it suits you best -
We don't require employees to be in the office 9-5. Some work better at night, some are early birds. We encourage employees to manage their own schedules. If the work is getting done, we don't micromanage office hours. We encourage employees to work at home or at a coffee shop if a change of scenery inspires them.

Most important things first
- We all agreed many distractions compete for our focus if we let them. Several employees have had success turning off email and instant messaging for set periods of time during the day, allowing them to focus on their most important tasks. Some suggest doing this first thing in the morning to start the day off by accomplishing something significant. This video from 99U supports this strategy:

Work smarterScott Belsky also stresses the importance of not "hoarding urgent items." Don't let immediate distractions (that are maybe less important in the long run) keep you from making progress on your most important goals. Let others help you out if possible, or set these distractions aside for just a bit. Preserve windows of time as sacred to ensure you keep chipping away at your bigger goals.

We encourage you to choose one task that will move you forward today and get on it. No excuses. Punch today in the face.