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Embracing Change: Far Reach Leadership Transitions

Far Reach blog Kate Transitioning Role

Happy New Year! I hope 2024 is off to a magnificent start for you.

Here at Far Reach, things are busy as we welcome a few new difference makers to the team to help us empower you to make a positive difference. More to come on them in a future post!

We're also busy transitioning responsibilities in a couple of areasone, in particular, involving me and the future leadership of Far Reach.

I have decided that after 17 years as a Far Reach partner, it's time for me to step away. So, as of March 31, 2024, I will be departing the company that has been my life for almost two decades. This was not an easy decision to make and, honestly, I've drug my feet on it for quite a while. But I know in my heart that it's time for me to do something different—even if I don't yet know what that will be. 🙂 And, perhaps more importantly, I know that now is the right time to for Far Reach to be guided into the future by someone with the vision and energy to tackle what's sure to be an interesting time, full of challenges and opportunities.

So, with my departure, Jason Nissen—the OG Far Reach CEO—will resume the role he had when we started this crazy ride so long ago. With his brilliant technical mind, his vision, and his humanity, Jason is the perfect person to lead Far Reach forward in this age of ever-increasing change.

Through the first quarter of the year, Jason and I will act as co-CEOs, collaborating as we have been for the last several months to set the company up for continued success. He'll take the reins full-time as of April.

As Jason transitions back into the CEO role, Chad Feldmann will transition into the CTO role Jason has held for the last several years.

Chad is another brilliant technical mind whose attention to detail is unparalleled at Far Reach, making him a great fit to work alongside Jason in the technical "weeds," so to speak, of the business. Along with remaining partners Chris Rouw and Lana Wrage and the rest of the Far Reach team, they'll ensure Far Reach is well-positioned to continue serving its clients with a focus on quality, creativity, security, and innovation for many years to come.

My thanks to all of you who have helped make this such a rewarding and life-changing experience for me. I've learned more than I ever thought possible on this journey, and I am so grateful for the many wonderful relationships I've made and to have had the opportunity to work alongside all my fellow Far Reachers, current and former, witnessing the positive difference they've made, day-in and day-out, in all kinds of ways.

I know I leave the company in the best of hands and that the future is bright for Far Reach and its clients.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2024!