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People Behind the Project: Caleb Trachte

Caleb Trachte

You told us you want to know more about the people behind your projects. You got it. This is the latest profile in that series.


Caleb Trachte


Software Developer

How do you help clients?

I take ideas and turn them into valuable software solutions. My unique job experience in both project management and software engineering enables me to see a client's vision by articulating complex ideas, open communication, and transparency. I’ve loved seeing the impact that reducing technical debt and implementing clean code make when a client sees their new features live.

Tell us about your background or training.

I started with a B.S. in Chemistry from California Baptist University. I took Java and Python classes for fun during my undergrad and loved them. After 3 years of project management for an international water testing lab, I decided to take the plunge into software engineering. I completed several software development bootcamps with flying colors including one that was granted through a scholarship from Google. 

I love software engineering and the transition felt effortless. I was simultaneously enrolled in an MBA program, which I completed with a focus on Cybersecurity Management. Since then I’ve worked on a wide range of software projects for military contractors and private sector businesses alike. I’ve built open source solutions and even led a local JavaScript group for several years. By joining Far Reach I’ve found an amazing family of hard-working and intelligent folks to collaborate with.

What is your work mantra? 

Work hard because it’s the right thing to do, not because someone expects it. 

I find fulfillment in working hard and producing results. This, in turn, energizes me and the client. 

What are you reading?

To the Far Blue Mountains by Louis L’Amour. I’ve got others on my list, but tend to read in small chunks, and add more to the list faster than I can complete them.

Whom do you follow?

I am not sure if I follow one specific person, but I closely follow emerging technologies in science, energy, and software. Any business leader in those verticals will likely draw my interest. 

Where do you see the field going in 1-3 years?

Artificial intelligence tools will make a big difference in solving the problems of the future. I’ve also seen a lot of advancement in augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D animated web design that really excite me.