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At Far Reach, Long-term Happiness Comes From Within

At Far Reach, Long-term Happiness Comes From Within

Ask me or my fellow Far Reach team members, and we’ll tell you: It’s the happiest place we’ve ever worked.

Why? At first, we may say it’s what we’re given … those special surprises that make any new job that much sweeter.

“Dogs are welcome? Awesome! Violet can sleep on my feet while I code.”

“A relaxed dress code? Rock on! Time to break out my favorite KISS T-shirt.”

“Fun days out? Nice—I love mini golf.”

“A flexible schedule? Perfect, I’ll arrive early; I do my best work in the morning.”

But dig a little deeper, and you’ll see that the sustained happiness of Far Reach employees comes from within—from the company culture itself.

It comes from collaboration—sharing an idea and having a team member make it even better. It comes from dealing with problems right away—together. We’re open and honest with each other, so problems are addressed immediately and not allowed to fester. It comes from doing meaningful work, like building apps that help people manage their pain. And it comes from being in control. We don’t need permission; we’re empowered to do what we think is right.

Far Reach offers a lot to make employees happy. But what they really do is give us the tools to create happiness from within.

If that sounds good to you, and you’re ready for a little long-term happiness of your own, check out our career openings.