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A Decade of Learning

10 Years of Learning

As quickly as things change in our line of work, it can be a bit overwhelming to look back on the preceding year and reflect on everything that happened. It can be A LOT overwhelming to multiply that by ten and consider all that has transpired over the last decade.

Intimidating as it may be, as I began to reflect on 2019, I found myself wandering further back—back to 2010, when we were still very much in scrappy startup mode—and marveling at all the wonderful and challenging times we’ve experienced. I’m sure I’ve forgotten as many things as I remember (or more, if I’m being honest). But what I realized is that there’s a thread that weaves its way through these last 10 years; a theme that shows up in a myriad of ways—sometimes subtly, sometimes not. 

The common thread that, for us, connects the beginning of this decade with its end is Learn & Grow (#FRCV6).

Reaping the benefits of our commitment to this core value is often effortless—it just happens as a natural consequence of our day-to-day existence. Other times, it’s very intentional, the result of a carefully planned action or process—something we’ve sought, worked hard for, and felt good about achieving. And sometimes it’s the consequence of a failure. 

Regardless of how it came to be, though, the result is always the same—we’re better than we were before. We’re better able to serve our clients effectively; better armed to deal with adversity and roll with the punches; better equipped to be empathetic; better able to communicate; more likely to work well together as a team and feel fulfilled in the process; and, most importantly, we’re better human beings.

The learning path is paved with many treasures as well as its share of potholes. It’s a journey we’ve found immensely challenging and equally as rewarding. And it’s a journey we look forward to continuing for years to come.