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Far Reach helped Wartburg College launch its crowdfunding website for UKnight Day, its annual 24-hour day of giving, and supported it for the first three years.


Fundraising is hard—really hard. You’re competing for people’s attention and hard-earned dollars. Wartburg’s development staff knew it needed a unique approach that connected friends of Wartburg to the college and each other.



Far Reach designed and developed a platform for UKnight Day that brought people together to share memories, celebrate being a Knight, and support the college. For the first three years, we continued to enhance the website with new, engaging functionality. We also provided 24-hour technical support on UKnight Day to ensure things go smoothly.


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UKnight Day Website

In 2015, Wartburg set the bar high with a goal of 500 donors for its first UKnight Day. That meant every feature needed to make an emotional connection with potential donors.

The website included:

  • Real-time chart with donor goal vs. actual donations to keep people coming back to check progress throughout the day
  • Interactive map showing donations as locations to build a sense of community
  • Countdown clock to create urgency
  • Real-time donor message board for people to share why they gave
  • Moderated social media feed to encourage people to spread the word
  • Online donation form with as few steps as possible to make giving easy


Wartburg Knight

In 2016, Wartburg set the bar even higher with a goal of 852 donors. (The college was founded in 1852.) We needed to show the site wasn’t just a one-hit wonder.

Additions to the website included:

  • Digital badge (1 of 852) customized with each donor’s number to share on social media
  • Social media feed that was more user-friendly and handled infinite scrolling better

In 2017, Wartburg set the biggest goal yet—1,000 donors. We added two new sections to make the site even more personal:

  • “Buckets” based on the donor’s affiliation (alumni, parent, student, faculty/staff, or friend) to encourage a friendly rivalry
  • Bar chart showing the number of donations by class, making it a competition to see what year is named best in class

"We were very pleased with Far Reach’s work on our UKnight Day website. They were timely with their responses, listened to our feedback, and provided great support during our 24-hour crowdfunding appeal. Plus, they were fun to work with—always a bonus!"

Laurie Everhardt |  Wartburg College

Responsive Design

UKnight Day Responsive Design
Wartburg UKnight Day Results

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