Our Work With Dwolla

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Far Reach has watched Dwolla grow from a startup to a big-time national player in the payment processing world. We’ve helped develop apps for Dwolla, developed our own Dwolla-integrated platform, and helped third-party applications integrate with Dwolla.

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Far Reach has been an active development partner with Dwolla, collaborating with them to support early versions of the Dwolla Android app and to develop the Dwolla Kiosk application, the Windows Phone 7 Dwolla app, the Windows 8 Dwolla app, and the Windows 8 Dwolla SDK.

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In addition to working directly with Dwolla, we also work on Dwolla integrations using its API (application programming interface). Allowd, a platform we built, used the Dwolla API to help businesses that accept Dwolla manage their accounts securely with multiple employees. 

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