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Children’s Cancer Connection won our 2014 Operation: Make a Difference contest and we built the Children’s Cancer Treatment Tracker, a responsive HTML5 web application. The treatment tracker allows parents of children with cancer to manage their child’s cancer journey digitally. 


When a child in Iowa is diagnosed with cancer, the entire family is connected with the Children’s Cancer Connection in Des Moines. Previously, each family received a 2-inch binder that served as their main reference guide during this arduous journey. Children’s Cancer Connection knew a digital solution would make parents’ lives easier, so they applied for Far Reach’s Operation: Make a Difference contest. 


By rallying support through their network, Children’s Cancer Connection won the Operation: Make a Difference contest to have their platform built for free. Soon thereafter, Far Reach got to work building a digital platform that would replace the heavy, overwhelming, paper-cut-inducing binders. After an initial analysis phase, it was determined that an HTML5 responsive web application would meet project goals the best.

  • Children's Cancer Connection Responsive App
  • Children's Cancer Connection Responsive App
Holding Children's Cancer Connection Responsive App

Far Reach built most of the treatment tracker during a 12-hour “hack-a-thon,” during which the entire team worked together to design and develop the application. 

We chose to build an HTML5 responsive web application for several reasons:

  • It’s accessible from any device, desktop or mobile
  • We would alienate a segment of mobile users (e.g., Android users if we built an iPhone app)
  • Users would need desktop access because entering data such as lab results on a mobile device would be tedious
  • It’s the solution that best matched the organization’s goals
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During our hack-a-thon, three Cancer Treatment Center patients who had used the paper binder visited us. We learned about their journeys and how what we were building will make a difference in the lives of families affected by childhood cancer.

The Children’s Cancer Treatment Tracker is being rolled out slowly to Children’s Cancer Connection patients and will potentially be adapted for use by other similar organizations. 


"Winning the Far Reach contest went above and beyond our expectations. We serve the entire state of Iowa, so when we had the opportunity to make our treatment binder mobile, we were ecstatic. The effort, quality, and communication has been phenomenal and exceeded our expectations."

MJ Hoffman |  Community Relations Manager, Children's Cancer Connection

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