Agile Coaching


Far Reach helped coach and guide a team within the IT department at a large manufacturer in its transition to agile.


A mandate from corporate was released that required development teams to transition to agile. Instead of learning and trying to implement agile on their own, some teams wanted an outside partner with experience to come in and help. 


Far Reach worked with several small development teams to outline the principles of agile, update processes and workflows to be agile, get the developers closer to the users, and equip the team to continually improve together. 

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    The development teams at this manufacturer had tried agile before, but it had failed them multiple times in the past. It felt like another exercise in futility; but with leadership from the top and the right coach, they were able to figure out how they can best work together to complete their priorities. 

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    One of the teams was not implementing product features at the speed they thought they could.  We recognized that they were simultaneously working on four or five features each sprint. By focusing the team on one or two features, they were able to complete new features in each sprint and keep a good cadence with their users.

    By implementing agile and a support kanban board, the team now works together on priorities and can see work getting done and the positive impact it has on end users.

    "The teams we worked with were getting work to done faster, had more clarity and visibility into their work, and were better able to prove their value."

    Jason Greer |  Far Reach Agile Coach