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Women in Innovation 2010 Finalist

Kate Washut Woman of InnovationKate was so surprised that she was a finalist for the  TAI's Women of Innovation Small Business Innovation and Leadership Award that she was out of the state on the night of the awards ceremony:-)  

Chris and Chad attended in her stead and it was a most enjoyable event. There are a lot of women in technology accomplishing great things in Iowa. Even though Kate didn't end up winning, Far Reach is proud that she was a finalist.

Here is a snippet of what we said about Kate: "One of the priorities of Far Reach was to establish a great company culture. Washut has led the effort to establish a company culture where customers are treated as partners, employees are valued members of the company, and having fun is a priority. Washut has also been a leader in recognizing the value that tech companies could gain by networking and working together to learn from one another. Washut worked with the TAI and other tech leaders in the Cedar Valley to establish the Cedar Valley Techbrew. The first event was a great success!"