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Why You Need to Start Caring About Design

Why You Need to Start Caring About Design

It’s the big day. You finally landed a meeting with that big company, and you really want to get the sale. So what do you do? Pull your shirt out of the hamper—despite it being a few sizes too big? Attempt to shake out the wrinkles and hope no one notices the missing button? No, you dress to impress. You make sure your outfit is freshly dry cleaned, fits property, and suits the type of meeting.

When a potential client meets your brand for the first time, you’ll want to make the same great first impression. You’ll want your website, social media, business cards, logo, and all your other marketing materials to leave a great lasting impression. You’ll want to make sure your marketing materials are aesthetically pleasing, information is well laid out, and everything is printed on quality paper.

Keeping the following things in mind when designing your marketing materials will help ensure they represent you and your brand well.

Strong Layout

Just because your nephew illegally downloaded a copy of Photoshop, that doesn’t make him a designer. Good design has little to do with the actual software; good designers spend years honing their craft. You’ll want to make sure your design flows naturally and presents the information clearly. The information and medium should fit the objective. We call this function. Function is what separates art from design.


Form is what we call something that is visually appealing. Form should follow function. Just because something is beautiful doesn’t mean it’s useful or usable—and that can be a problem when it comes to marketing your brand. Aesthetics are based on balance, alignment, contrast, and space—to name a few elements of design. It takes skill to use all of these elements well.


Good design is interesting and unique. It solves the problem in novel way. You want your brand and marketing materials to stand out. You want your designs to stick with people. You want to evoke emotions with your customers and create something that resonates with them.


Design should be truthful. It doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. It’s consistent and accurate. Good design presents the products and information in the best light without overpromising. It stays true to the brand. It has the right voice and tone.


Next time you have a logo or marketing materials created, make sure they are well designed and convey the meaning you want them to. If you care about design, people are more likely to care about your brand.