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Why We Don’t Have Salespeople (and How You Benefit)

Do you like being sold to? Me neither.

Neither of us wakes up in the morning and says, “Boy, I sure hope I get a cold call today.” 

No Salespeople

Far Reach doesn’t use salespeople, and it’s to your advantage. Here’s why: 

  • Better communication. A lot of firms play telephone: You talk to the salesperson. The salesperson talks to the account manager. Then the account manager briefs the team. At Far Reach, you get to talk directly to the people actually doing the work, so nothing gets lost in translation.

  • More trust. A salesperson’s relationship with you is likely based on commission. It’s in their best interest to sell you as much as possible. At Far Reach, our livelihoods depend on word of mouth from happy clients. You can trust that we’ll stick to your budget and only recommend ideas we believe will be effective.

  • No surprises. Lots of salespeople are “yes-men or -women” who overpromise and under-deliver on everything from capabilities to timelines. That leads to frustration for both parties. At Far Reach, we’re as open, honest, and direct as possible.

  • More value. Many salespeople are good at their job—selling. What they aren’t always as knowledgeable about is what they’re selling—especially when it comes to new technology. At Far Reach, we believe it’s our responsibility to educate you along the way.

So unless you’re a marketing masochist and you enjoy unwelcome cold calls, constant upselling, and people who talk more than they listen, consider working with a team that forgoes the traditional sales process.