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Tablets Off to a Big Start in 2012

Pew released figures this week showing tablet and e-reader ownership doubled in the month spanning the holidays. Ownership jumped from 18% of U.S. adults owning either a tablet or e-reader in December, up to 29% in January.  

The availability of new, less expensive devices like the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet definitely drove a fair share of these sales, but higher-end tablets like the iPad are still going strong. This rise in popularity has generated plenty of online coverage of the tablet market. 

Here are a few interesting finds:

Tablet users spend more per online purchase
In 2011, Forrester reported that tablets accounted for 20 percent of e-commerce sales, even though only 9 percent of shoppers owned tablets at that time.   Adobe Digital Marketing Insights recently studied visits to 150 different retail sites and learned that tablet users spend 54% more per purchase than smartphone users, and 21% more than desktop and laptop users. It certainly seems like now would be a good time to ensure your e-commerce site is optimized for tablet users.

Tablet users are heavy consumers of news and content Late last October, a study was released showing more than half of tablet users access news content every day, with 77 percent indicating they read more news content than they did prior to purchasing a tablet. The average user spends around 90 minutes per day on their tablet. Making the time to create informative, non-promotional content for your customers should be more of a marketing priority now than ever before.

The tablet market may be splitting in two.
Some analysts doubt Kindle Fire’s success out of the gate spells trouble for Apple’s iPad.  The iPad will likely continue its reign at the high-end of the market, with the Fire and Nook helping to expand the lower end.  Yesterday, a blogger on Mashable Tech predicted this market split will generate more demand at the lower end and open the door for other players to break into the tablet market. Do you see the rise in tablet popularity impacting your life or business? We’d love to hear your thoughts.