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Looking Back on Pitch & Grow

What is Pitch & Grow?

Pitch and GrowA couple of weeks ago, Chris and I attended Pitch & Grow V at the Des Moines Social Club. Organized by the Technology Association of Iowa, Pitch & Grow is an event at which entrepreneurs pitch their ideas, businesses, and/or products to a panel of peer professionals consisting of local venture capitalists, IT executives, lawyers, accountants, and other entrepreneurs in front of an audience and get feedback on how to refine and fine-tune their presentations. These events are held throughout the state at various times during the year.

Why did we participate?

Nu SquaredAfter a couple of years of nudging by Leann Jacobson, President of TAI, we finally had something we thought worthy of pitching in our soon-to-be-launched product for vision therapists, Nu Vision, from our new company, Nu Squared.

Since we’ll be launching the product (the result of a partnership with Chris’ brother Joe and Joe’s wife, Nadira) later this month at the COVD conference in Las Vegas, we thought it would be a perfect time to practice our sales pitch and get some feedback.

What did we get out of it?

We found the whole Pitch & Grow experience extremely valuable. From the preparation that forced us to think exhaustively about what makes our product valuable, to actually presenting it to real people, to the amazing feedback we got from the panel and the audience, and the new connections we made with other entrepreneurs, everything about it was worthwhile.

We’ve since taken the feedback about what to include and what not to include in a pitch as well as what to expect when selling a product at a trade show and devised a plan to not only sell the product, but how to support it, price it, and market it. I feel like this experience has propelled us forward and put us in a much better position to effectively launch the product.

Had we not pitched, I think it’s very likely we would have spent months or years learning these things the hard way.

The bottom line

We would recommend Pitch & Grow to anyone looking to take an idea or a business to the next level. The feedback you’ll get and the connections you’ll make are invaluable. We will definitely do it again.

Our thanks go out to the panel and those in the audience who cared enough to tell us what they thought. We can’t tell you how much your feedback is appreciated. And, finally, thanks to the great people at the Technology Association of Iowa and all the sponsors for putting together such a great event. Your tireless work on behalf of technology entrepreneurs in Iowa does not go unnoticed!